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About Us

Phoenix Caliper rised in 1994 by Danny Athanasiadis. At the age of 55 years old he had one dream for his family and it was to be stable in the future by devoting time to one part of an automobile. 
After having several part stores, fuel stations and partners, Danny decided to just concentrate on the most important part of the car, the caliper.   With the will to take on some of the most difficult calipers to rebuild, he did it with pride and never turned a job away. 
However, in 2006, Danny passed away.
Thanasi Athanasiadis, Danny's son, is now in control.  Knowing what he had in front of him, he continued his fathers passion.  Always helping his father as much as he could, he grasped the idea and ran with it and to this day he is still in control.

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