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We offer the most proffesional powder coating for your calipers.  Not only do we powder coat them, we are remanufacturing them at the same time! 

Just bring or send in your four calipers and choose any color in the world! Choose experience over cash grabs and ease your mind....

We also have thousands of calipers in stock that we can prepare for you as well.

All units will be dissassembled to their fullest and all caliper castings, pistons and threads will be inspected.  Caliper bodies will be powder coated before reassembly.  Brand new boots, seals, bleeder screws and bushings will be reinstalled into the same bodies you have provided.  Pressure testing each unit after assembly will ensure no comebacks and/or defects.

Lettering to any caliper can also be done for you correctly, for we have purschased the rights from major manufactures to use their logos. Any question please feel free to call 773-277-7772 and follow the prompts. 

Powder Coating Your Four Calipers starting @$350

Base Colors
  • Its best if you use a cleaning agent that will not fade the calipers out or weaken the powder coat. Simple green is a great start. Spray simple green on your calipers before washing your car and all the dust and grime should slide right off. 

    NEVER pressure wash a caliper with direct force. Water will find its way to the iron and possibly, your caliper can erode faster causing chips and cracks.

    If calipers are hot from braking, DO NOT his them with cold water.  This will put cracks in the powdered areas. 

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